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File:Redstar.gif Good News for Piatta
File:Redstar.gif Pressing On
File:Redstar.gif The Back Way In


File:Redstar.gif The Ancient Lighthouse
File:Redstar.gif To Ardan With Haste

The Warrior's Crypt


  1. Most quests that are not connected to the main storyline (i.e., A Slippery Situation, Acheron's Awakening, etc) will give 100 reputation in the area you received them. Exceptions to this note are the Monster Hunt quests found in the Black Sanctum; completing these quests give 100 reputation in the area the monsters are found in.
  2. Black Sanctum quests can be completed each day. If a player has previously completed a daily quest, it is necessary to manually reset the quest log before credit for that quest can be received again. This feature allows players to complete long or sequential quests at their own pace.
  3. Every Black Sanctum quest aside from Monster Hunt and Ghost Hunt is considered a daily quest. Those two quests do not require a reset but they also change their focus to a different monster and ghost at the start of a new day, automatically removing themselves from a player's quest list if left uncompleted. Quest items obtained during either Hunt are retained though, allowing the player to hand them in the next time that the related quest is active. All players logged in at the time of the new day's start will be notified by a message in their chat window that uses text in a font that is larger than normal.
  4. To reset Daily Quests, click the "Reset Dailies" button at the bottom of the quest log as shown by the accompanying picture to the right. Even veteran players can forget to reset their daily quests, so the partyleader should make sure to remind everyone before accepting any daily quests.


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